Jacques & Natasha

Jacques & Natasha Wedding

It is hard to describe the satisfaction that I get when i have told the perfect story of a couples very special wedding day. This is why I love being a wedding story teller, you get to meet new people, and in some cases you make new friends. This was the case with Jacques and Natasha, such a real pleasure to work with and such a joy to be around them.

The day began at around 11am at Benedetto on vaal wedding venue. Benedetto is a beautiful wedding venue on the banks of the Vaal River, and every wedding photographers dream venue. When I got to the bridal suite, Natasha greeted me with her ever friendly personality. I started to take some pictures of all the detail, her beautiful wedding dress, jewellery, shoes and just about everything I found artistic and interesting that would help me tell this wonderful story. The make-up session went pretty well and one could immediately see that Natasha was going to blow everyone away when she walks down the isle.

I then went to Jacques and he was pretty relaxed, getting dressed with his best friend and soon to be father in law. They had a nice cold one and I could see that underneath the calmness, Jacques was pretty nervous and exited, and could not wait to see his bride.

The time arrived and Natasha walked down the isle with her dad and had everyone in tears. She was as beautiful and elegant as a bride could be, shining on her wedding day. Jacques face went numb when he saw her and the rest is history.

They are a couple that are very much in love and one can see that they will walk the distance and have a very blessed marriage, both of them are serious about building the marriage on a Godly foundation. That is the real secret to any successful marriage and they have all the perfect ingredients right from the start. I had such fun capturing their special day, and certainly one of my favourite weddings of the year. Congratulations Jacques & Natasha, we pray that you will have a blessed future and thank you that you have chosen Kenosis Photography to make your day memorable. We look forward to a lasting friendship.

By Dieter Zietsman

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