Amanda & Klaas engagement-15

Amanda & Klaas Engagement Shoot

The first time I met Amanda, she seemed very calm and relaxed. We had a nice cup of coffee in the garden outside our studio, she seemed so confident and mature in what she wanted in life, In a sense I felt proud that she picked Kenosis to be part of her wedding. She was telling me a little about her previous experience, as this was her and Klaas’s 2nd wedding. As we talked, she told me about Klaas, and one thing she kept on saying is that Klaas do not like photos at all. Well, as a professional photographer I’m used to photographing people that feel uncomfortable in front of the lens. She then mentioned they wanted to do a engagement / pre-wedding shoot, always a very good idea. If someone feels uncomfortable being photographed, doing a pre-shoot with the photographer will help so much with understanding the style and approach, and you will feel much more comfortable at the wedding.

So, we chose a date and venue…. I must say that I felt a little bit nervous as Amanda kept on telling me how Klaas really don’t understand why they have to do a “pre-wedding” shoot. So we met at our studio, 6h30, and to top it all, it was probably the coldest day of the entire winter! So I introduced myself to Klaas, and the first thing he says is “wow, waking up so early on a Saturday just for a photo-shoot”! I said this is the perfect day for a lovely shoot, and he does not have to worry one bit, I’m not going to make him feel uncomfortable or ask  for poses. I explained what it means to tell a love story in a photo-journalistic way, they just be, well….themselves. Pretend that they are all alone inside these woods on a cold and misty morning and enjoy few moments with each other while I try to capture this unique love story.

Needless to say, we started to chat about the Springboks, economics, work etc etc. Everyone relaxed and we had a blast of a time, now we cannot wait for the big wedding day! Everything will be so much easier now that they both feel more comfortable in front of the lens. Let this be the beginning of an AMAZING love story….

By Dieter Zietsman