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    Because your wedding day is one of the most days in your life we understand how important precious the memory of it will be. With more than 7 years experience and well over 200 weddings and various other photo shoots, we have mastered the art of photography and videography. Photographs and Videos are the most tangible reminders of your special occasions and remain valuable for generations to come. We have a distinct style and our passion is to capture your special day in such a way that you can re-live your occasion every time you touch your album, storybook or DVD. We love to travel and there is no place too far to do a photo or video shoot.

    We will sit down with you and discuss your style to make sure that we capture your special day in the way you will want to remember it. We offer various services and also have a design studio to help you with décor or creating a unique invitation using a DVD documentary style or an art filled invitation card that is unique to your personality, to professional photography and wedding DVDs.

    Please contact us to make a free appointment.

    We supply the following services:

    * Professional Wedding Photographers

    * Professional Wedding Videographers

    * Wedding stationary design (Invites, Cards, Digital Invitations, DVD invitations,   Table placements, Program design etc.)

    * Wedding stationary print (please contact us to see different designs & styles)

    * Sound & DJ